Needlework Patterns And Accessories For Women

Needlework is another term for the handicraft of decorative sewing and textile arts.Needlework includesPatchworkPatchwork or “pieced work” is a form of needlework that involves sewing together pieces of fabric into a larger design. The larger design is usually based on repeat patterns built up with different colored shapes. Patchwork embroidery has been in vogue for decades and gained immense popularity during Great Depression, as it was the only method to recycle worn clothing into warm quilts. This embroidery has traditionally been sewn together by hand, but with the change in technology and to cash on the benefits of mass production. Patchwork is most often used to make quilts, but it can also be used to make bags, wall-hangings, warm jackets, skirts and other items of clothing. Some textile artists work with patchwork, often combining it with embroidery and other forms of stitchery.KnittingKnitting is a craft by which thread or yarn may be turned into cloth. Knitting may be done by hand or by machine. Flat knitting, which is done on two straight needles, produces a length of cloth, while circular knitting, which is done on circular or double-pointed needles, produces a tube of cloth. Knitted cloth is made out of yarn, a length of continuous fibres. Yarn for knitting can be made from any number of natural or synthetic fibres. Most knitting needles (also called knitting pins) are long, slender sticks with either one or two tapered ends used to hold and bring the working yarn through active stitches.EmbroideryEmbroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a needle. Embroidery stitches are the smallest units in embroidery, embroidery patterns are formed by doing many embroidery stitches, either all the same or different ones, either following a counting chart on paper, following a design painted on the fabric or even working freehand. Blackwork Embroidery is a simple form of embroidery, stitched in black thread on white or off-white fabric.Cross StitchCross-stitch is a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches are used to form a picture. Cross-stitch [] is the most popular form of hobby embroidery in the western world. It lends itself well to recreational use, as it is easy to learn and very versatile. Traditionally, cross-stitch was used to embellish items like dishcloths, household linens, and doilies. Modern cross-stitch designs often make extensive use of colours in many shades. When using fine fabric and thread this can create very realistic effects, almost like paintings, if that is desired.TapestryTapestry is woven by hand on a weaving-loom. Most weavers use a naturally based warp thread such as linen or cotton. The weft threads are usually wool or cotton, but may include silk, gold, silver, or other alternatives. Tapestry [] is commonly (though incorrectly) applied to embroidered items made in canvas work such as needlepoint. Canvas work can look very much like tapestry.

The Wristwatch – A Tool and Accessory

You’re running late for a meeting and it seems like every light turns red just as you approach. You glance at your wrist every few seconds to check your progress. Eventually you arrive only to realize that you forgot to reset your watch at the end Daylight Savings and you’re an hour early. Saved by the watch!We often forget how much we rely on the little piece of metal strapped to our wrists until we run into a situation like this. We regulate our lives through our wristwatches, clocks, and timepieces. Often we forget the history of the device that allows us to schedule our lives so precisely.Modern wristwatches were a development from other larger timepieces like portable clocks and pocket watches. Pocket watches become popular as a response to fashions. At the time, men wore fashionable waistcoats and therefore pocket watches were developed as an accessory to this article of clothing. Wristwatches were just another step in that development. Though they were available before World War I, it wasn’t until the Great War that wristwatches became a fashionable item for men. It was thought that they were too feminine. However, during the war, soldiers needed to be able to see the time but keep their hands free. This popularized their use by men. Since that time, the wristwatch has gone through a series of developments and technological advancements. Though its design and function has changed, the wristwatch is still the essential accessory for men, and a convenient tool that helps us precisely schedule our lives.

Running in a Triathlon – Clothing and Other Equipment

Running is one of the least expensive events at the triathlon. You do not need any fancy equipment to run and the investment you make can see you through as many races as you want.As far as running is concerned, clothing is not given its due respect because participants feel that anything will do. But, since the sport is about speed, there are some things to keep in mind while choosing running clothing.When you are training, running clothing need not be anything fancy. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Clothes you would wear for a regular workout in the gym would suffice.A special note for women: Good, supportive bras are a must. These bras should offer just the right kind of support without being restrictive. Some suits have inbuilt support. The thumb rule when it comes to bras is to change them after 70-75 washes as these tend to become loose and unsupportive at that stage.As far as running clothing is concerned, less is more. Even if you are in a relatively cool climate, remember that running can warm up the body considerably. So, a few minutes into the race and you could well feel 15 degrees warmer, or more. At that point, clothing can become restrictive and stuffy. Light weight, breathable tees and shorts are all that you need for running.The one thing you need for running is a good pair of shoes. In this case, the costliest brand is not always the best and you do not need to invest money in top brands. It is more important to buy shoes that are designed well, fit snugly and can be fastened quickly. According to some experts, running shoes must be changed the moment the knees begin to feel any kind of pressure or pain. By doing this, you will be protecting your feet from pain.Some athletes like to use heart monitors during training sessions as these provide information on the level of exertion. For instance, on days when you feel that you are not training at your optimal level, you can evaluate the same using the heart monitor. However, heart monitors are hard to get used to and many people feel that they are a waste of money and energy.Along with running clothing, accessories like belts, carriers and hydration equipment are also needed by runners. Many runners like to use bottles that are aerodynamic in design as they do not want anything to come between them and a potential win. Running hats are also used by runners, particularly when it is hot and sunny. Hats must sit snugly on the hear, must offer shade without hindering vision and must absorb sweat easily.